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This website is about music, art and grace in my beautiful homeland of Sussex-by-the-Sea.  The South Downs and the English Channel are enjoined in combat and the battlefront is an ever changing picture.  On a sunny day with a light breeze the casual visitor would hardly suspect the conflict.  The brief truce entices natives and visitors alike to indulge in all manner of outdoor pursuits.  Fishing, boating, swimming, rock-pooling, sand-castling, tennis, cricket, golf, walking, running, cycling, kite-flying, drawing, painting, live music, daydreaming, ice-creams, fish-n-chips, Sussex beer & wine and observation.

“When the wind blows the cradle will rock.”  The battle will rage and the angry sea attacks the land.  The colours change and everything appears as a different shape — even the human body leans to defy the force.  Crows, rooks and gulls flail hither and thither like black and white rags tossed by unseen hands, watched by the beasts of the land who shrug close to the ground.  The sea is grey green blue and flashing with foam-white horses and the scudding clouds make the surface of the land appear to move with rapid violence.

Then comes the calm when I pick up the pen and the guitar and, if I am lucky, create a picture in sound.  A dream, a vision, something atavistic, something remembered, something forgotten, a pearl-coloured river, a Sussex giant, a fabulous mythical bird, a green hill, a sea-cave, a castle, a silver eel, a journey to far away places.  Welcome to my world.

"Secret wisdom is discovered in art"  Maureen Kilgour MBPs SB.A.Dip., founder of re-patterning psychology.

Latest guitar CDs with original compositions.

Últimos CDs de guitarra con composiciones originales.

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